Butterfly Garden Home Daycare -
We believe children should have an environment that nourishes their physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual growth.  The Butterfly Garden supports this by providing a very important foundation that combines Developmentally Appropriate Practices, Child Directed, RIE and Play Based philosophies. 
The Basic elements of the foundation are rhythm, protection, imagination and example.  First, we like to establish rhythm in the children's lives.  Most of the curriculum is based on the natural rhythm that each child has already established.  Having rhythm and consistency creates balance and harmony out of what otherwise could be strife and chaos.  Rhythm also lays the foundation for an adult life of self-discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem and ease in social interactions.  Second, we will protect the children.  This is much deeper than safety.   Not only will their physical health be protected, we will do my best to help keep their emotional and social health protected as well.  Third, the child's imagination is their own way of creating ideas that promote learning skills.  Through play, The Butterfly Garden will allow the child to use as much imagination needed to initiate creativity and self-confidence.  Finally, children will learn through example and imitation.  As a teacher and owner of  The Butterfly Garden, we will be a positive example for the children and help them learn the skills to also become a positive example for their classmates, in social settings and most importantly for their family.  

Our goal is to provide the highest quality developmental care for each child in a secure home setting.  Individuality is acknowledged and respected as each child explores a child-centered environment at his or her own pace.  We plan the curriculum around all areas of a child’s development and education.  We work together with families to positively reinforce traditions and cultures that each child brings to the program.
Children learn through play and exploration while engaged in relationships with peers and responsive, caring adults.  The Butterfly Garden offers a rich and challenging environment in which children can explore independently, choose activities that are planned for learning or participate in the teacher initiated activities.
Children will have opportunities to engage in many different materials including, play dough, water, sand, paint, dress-up, books, puzzles, blocks, and more.  We provide a variety of activities for them to learn from such as, sensory and large/small motor, felt stories, reading books, preschool group time, art projects, music/dancing, outside play, cooking and gardening. Including ideas that come from the children will also result in an emergent curriculum. Children will benefit from having a daily schedule that includes inside/outside play, age appropriate activities, circle time, nap time and healthy organic meals.  We celebrate seasons of the year and as holidays occur within that time they will be acknowledged accordingly.  We perform written and photo documentation, along with verbal communication so parents can see and understand their child's growth and development while in my care.

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